The final chapters.......

An English Boy peter_dennis_blandford_townshend at
Thu Apr 21 20:10:13 CDT 2005

>I'm not *that* indifferent to it.  I'll rush out & buy it on the day it's
>released.  Why wouldn't I?

The Ol' English Bastard 'll be there awaiting the door's opening on that
very day! I hope against hope that it comes released on VINYL too!

>I'd rush out & buy a new Townshend solo album, right?.  This might
>be better.

Well, it'll have to be quite a record to be better than Psychoderelict, IMO.

>However, to be honest, I'm not expecting much.  But, oh, how
>wonderful it would be to be "Holy shit!" surprised.  To be, as you
>put it,....a fucker.

Oh God! Can't you just imagine, again, hearing the sounds of Pete's
guitar washing and weaving about in the angelic and chiming fashion
of Bargain or Pure and Easy?

I tell you, if it is simply as good as, say, New Song, from WAY, I'll be
stoked to the max!

I'm there!

Count me IN!

It's a Direct Hit!


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