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Thu Apr 21 18:25:08 CDT 2005

Jim writes:

"RGLB...man, I'm sorry, but that's an embarrassing song. A 60 year old man of 
accomplishments...should he really be whining about his mother thinking Elvis 
is better 
looking than he is? Also, in light of Pete's "another bomb" legal 
difficulties, putting out a song called "real good looking boy" is just playing with PR 


I agreed with you about the title when the song ws released.  Didn't seem to 
make much sense to me given the recent past.  But then again, Pete writes what 
is in him, and those are the lyrics that came out.  Can't stifle the creative 
process- whatever comes out is what we get.

As for the song, I wonder if you saw them perform RGLB live?  I saw it twice 
and I have to say that it holds up.  People really got it.  It just works.  I 
will say that if these two songs are the best he can come up with for a new 
album, then he should scrap the idea right now.  But if they are the 5th or 6th 
best songs on the album, it's worth it, IMHO.


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