More on family reaction to John auction and The final chapters........

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Thu Apr 21 16:30:33 CDT 2005

Alan wrote:

 > Yes, storage exists in England.  You ARE aware there were over 750 lots
sold at auction, right?  I'll be happy to e-mail you the lot listing if
you can't get it from  My guess is the family
considered the benefit of having 50+ rooms' worth of furniture, fragile
collectibles, statuary, rugs, records, books etc. wrapped up to
preserve it from long-term rot, insects, vermin, water etc., stacking
it all up on top of each other like in a moving van in
climate-controlled storage (more expensive), shut away from any
daylight or use, and having to pay the bill every month for the
privilege, with no prospect of ever unpacking it all -- and they made
the common-sense and yet unpleasant decision to sell it while it is
still in good condition.  I can't believe this is so hard to

Okay - It's a shame I didn't have this idea before.

Why didn't they just catapult each item into the air
and have people pay to shoot machine guns at them -
a la Success Story.

John would've seen the humor in that.

Joe in Philly 

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