The final chapters.......

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Thu Apr 21 10:13:51 CDT 2005

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Kevin.ONeal at writes:
>Is that it?
Has it settled in that a new album without John just isn't worth it?

For me, yes.

>Won't garner the excitement?

I genuinely worry about its quality.

>>If Pete and Rog and the whole gang were all chummy right now and locked
away in the conclave of the studio like mad scientists putting
*everything* they had into a new *great* album.....there wouldn't be

Maybe. It will all depend on the output. If it's no good, all the chummy 
excitement will have been nice, but only for them. 

This group needs creative friction.

It's not about excitement, it's about the music. And it will, for me, always 
be incomplete as a "Who" concept because John is gone.

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