The Final Chapters

Keithjmoon70 at Keithjmoon70 at
Thu Apr 21 09:37:34 CDT 2005

>And, by the all those that aren't looking forward to a  new
>Who album....
>I hope they prove you fuckers wrong.

Ooh! Ooh! I'm not a fucker, Kevin, I'm not!
I'd like to see how this all plays out and I'll buy that good  album.  Then 
I'll relish reading Pete's bio.  I'll bet that it's gonna  be more personal 
than being something about the Who.
At this point we don't really know what state of mind Pete's in  anyhow.  
Maybe he'll come around and get into the album as it takes  shape.  Pete isn't 
the kind of guy to just let something go, ya know.   He's probably getting Roger 
off his back for the time being. 
Scott, that was insightful of you to consider what Roger may be  thinking of 
his part in the bio. heh. 
I need more drama!  What does Roger think of Pete dumping the album in  his 
lap?  Did he take it as an insult? Will Pete come in and take  over to produce 
something wonderful or will he just let it go to pressing  without a second 
I need to know!
Jon in Mi.

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