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>From: Dereck Evans <delbut98 at>
>Subject: Re: The final chapters........
>If Pete owes "us" anything, it is to be honest; just
>come out and say, look, The Who as a creative force is

Exactly.  No games.  Stop the roller coaster I want to get off (pun

>In my mind, to use a previous analogy, the sun hasn't
>quite set on the Who, but i can only just see the top
>of it above the horizon over there.

Good night, OX.
So much died that night in Vegas.

>From: JimTheWhoFan at
>Subject: Re: The final chapters........
>Ok, then, that's fine. Perhaps I should have said, instead: I don't
>Pete's playing any game.

There's a game there.
Maybe "game" isn't the right word.
See Derick's post above.....

>From: "Scott Schrade" <schrade at>
>Subject: Re: Entwistle Sale
>> Entwistle, 57, died three years ago during a cocaine fuelled romp
>> with a stripper in Las Vegas.
>What a respectful way to put it.  

For real.
What's hurting Queenie more, the auction, or continually reading about
"cocaine fuelled romp with a stripper", even in articles about her!

>"My, how time rushes by....."

"The moment you're born you start to die,"

..but my favorite parts (was just jamming to this the other day).....:

"As I sit here at my window,
My life comes back to me,
It's been so long since the good days,
It's been so long.

And I count up all the wasted years,
The hopes and the fears,
The laughs and the tears,
And I wonder, I wonder, I wonder what went wrong."

(still think of you, Jacqueline, leaning against my Jeep in the
Mansfield parking lot, getting depressed...whenever I hear that song.)

>"No new album......?  Blame Roger & my brother.  I *did* my part."

Ugh.  Why's it always got to be this way....

>> "Writing my book."
>> Who Cares?!
>I do!  I do!  I'm one of those who's looking more forward to the
>book than the elusive...."new album."

Trust me, when I wrote "Who Cares", I *knew* there would be a reply from

>I think Pete's gonna pour a lot into this new book.

I *know* he is.
It *will* be a great read.
BUT, focus on the new album first, and *then* finish the gad darn book.
Otherwise, fuck the album, stop the rumors, let everyone off the ride,
and release the book and DVD's of old unobtainable footage.

>He's the ultimate
>interview; he loves to talk;

Little Keith Richards voice......"Hey Pete, shut the fuck up."

>It's a nice
>"high-art" project for him.  A "solo release" to rival his

Nail.....hitting head.

>(Jim M. winces.)

Again, ....nail....hitting head.  ;-)

>And if we think Daltrey is pissed at Pete *now*......(!)  Wait till
>fucking book comes out!!   ;-o

Boy, we've come a long way from just a year ago with all the lovey-dovey
between Pete and Rog.

>> How can he be so nonchalant about the first new album in over 20
>> years???
>Same way some of us fans can!

Is that it?
Has it settled in that a new album without John just isn't worth it?
Won't garner the excitement?
If Pete and Rog and the whole gang were all chummy right now and locked
away in the conclave of the studio like mad scientists putting
*everything* they had into a new *great* album.....there wouldn't be
Did it just take time for this reality to set in?

>> Autobiography will be nice, but for fucks sake Pete, give it to us
>> the sun has set on The Who!
>It's *his* story, not The Who's.  

The Who's story *is* his story.  You can't separate the two.
Wouldn't you want the "final chapters" to be about John's death, and how
he and Rog came together for one last bombastic effort, to include all
the trials and tribulations that accompanied that?
So, what, it just ends when.............John ended?

>Besides, the sun set on the Who in '78.
>And '83.  And '90.  And '02.  And.....

Yeah, yeah....bla-bla-bla....

And, by the all those that aren't looking forward to a new
Who album....
I hope they prove you fuckers wrong.
(don't get all in a twist at the use of the term "fuckers")

Kevin in VT

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