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>>I hadn't even thought of that!  And Roger's probably thinking the same 
thing.  I mean, he *knows* what sorts of things Pete's going to be saying 
about him in the book, right?  Another reason why the album *has* to come 

I still don't see why there has to be a WHO2 album, period. Is it because 
Roger hopes we'll all forget IT'S HARD if WHO2 comes out? He can't change the 
fact that John won't be on the WHO2 album. He can't change the fact that Keith 
Moon won't be on it and wasn't on FACE DANCES and IT'S HARD. 

If Roger worries about what Pete will write...well, I guess he can start on 
his own autobio and see if he can beat him to the printing press. Or he can 
wait for the book, read it, and then write up his rebuttal.

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