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>>That's nice.  But, he's got the rest of his life to write a book.  If this 
album doesn't happen soon, it's never going to happen.<<

I don't want to sound trite here, but nobody's guaranteed another day on this 
planet. If Pete wants to do the book now, then he should do the book now.

I can only draw these conclusions...Pete's OTHER projects are more important 
to him than is any WHO2 album. I'm with Scott...I'd rather read the autobio 
than hear a Who2 album. I'd rather see live Who on DVD from their younger days. 

I was not awed by last year's couple of new songs. ORW had potential and was 
a nice paean to JAE, but Pete rocks out only at the end., I'm 
sorry, but that's an embarrassing song. A 60 year old man of Pete's 
accomplishments...should he really be whining about his mother thinking Elvis is better 
looking than he is? Also, in light of Pete's "another bomb" legal difficulties, 
putting out a song called "real good looking boy" is just playing with PR fire. 

I do not wish this to sound like I'm dismissing Pete's abilities to write 
great music anymore. But I can only base my assessment of a WHO2 project based on 
last year's songs, and Pete's lack of commitment. Forgive me, but if the WHO2 
album really, really, really mattered to Pete, he'd throw himself into it. He 
wouldn't hand off performance duties to his brother. 

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