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11:37 - 21 April 2005 
Rock fans, collectors and the curious converged on
Andoversford as the auction to sell off John
Entwistle's collection got under way. For the past two
days, would-be buyers have been rummaging to their
hearts' content through the cornucopia of the late Who
star's Cotswolds mansion, jotting down items in
notebooks, phoning friends and colleagues and
whispering in corners.

Everybody was hunting for something to remember the
iconic bass player of The Who by.

Phil Goode, who owns a record shop in Cheltenham, was
after a few discs either to sell or frame for his

He said: "The Who were there when rock 'n' roll
started and the remaining members are still at it.

"I specifically like the early tracks and Entwistle's
solo albums."

Jill Ledgard, from Bourton-on- the-Water, was on the
look out for a few bargains.

She said: "It's sad he's gone and all his personal
stuff is out here.

"Some of it is lovely and some is amusing.

"It will bring a lot of pleasure to a lot of people." 

-Brian in Atlanta
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