The BEST live Who EVER

Scott Schrade schrade at
Thu Sep 30 19:06:45 CDT 2004

> Magic Bus was not played at either KBFH shows.  No tracks from the
> Largo/Landover show have been broadcast, everything is from Philly.

Thanks for the info, Bruce.  Have you ever heard of an alternate version
of "My Generation" from the '73 tour?

Like I said, I recorded one off the radio back in the '80s on a program
called Live Tracks where they played one rare live song by an artist
each day of the week.

I remember them saying something like, "Tomorrow on Live Tracks we'll
feature The Who!"  So I was at the ready the next day, figuring they'd
probably play something I already had.

Boy was I surprised when I heard this live version of "My Generation,"
very similar in sound & recording to the TALES FROM THE WHO
version, but shorter, without the, "You gotta fall in....." part.  My re-
cording is in mono, so I assume that's how it was broadcast.

I always thought this might've come from the Largo show.  I've never
seen it on any boots before or since.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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