The BEST live Who EVER

Scott Schrade schrade at
Thu Sep 30 18:55:25 CDT 2004

> If it doesn't have the "in-and-out" sound going
> (you'll know if it's there, like it gets "thicker" and
> "thinner"), please let me know.

You guys are talking about the Tanglewood boot, right?
I've been trying to find time to listen to my CD version,
called TANGLED UP IN WHO, for a few days now.
If I remember correctly, it had a high-pitched annoying
squeal throughout.

> I saw them in 1975, and they were on the LAL level.

One hears that a lot, but I think they *approached* their
previous ('69-'70) peak in '75 but never quite reached
that earlier level.  Although, the Houston '75 boot does
find the band clicking on all cylinders.

> > I feel Pete plays it too safe in the (LAL) "Amazing 
> > Journey/Sparks" jam.
> Yeah, that's one for Amsterdam IMHO. That's the best
> live Sparks, I'd say.

This got me to thinking about the Woodstock '69 boot.
That's some of my favorite live Who, right there.  *That's*
where you'll find the best (IMO) "Amazing Journey/Sparks."

And the entire set is outstanding, too.  When Daltrey made
his famous quote about Woodstock being "the worst gig
we ever played," I used to think he meant that the *band*
played poorly.  Later, I realized he was talking about the
*conditions* surrounding the gig, rather than a sub-par
performance by the group.

Woodstock is a beautifully tight set.  Fast, raunchy, & full
of power.  Great feedback sounds from Pete!  Ghidra,
the Three-Headed Monster screeches!

The "My Generation" & subsequent jam (including the
"Naked Eye" melody) is also some of my favorite live
Who.  OX's bass sounds incredible.  

> Well, let's be honest...the drums aren't too complex
> in Naked Eye.

I disagree.  Moon even seemed to have trouble finding
the groove sometimes on this song.  Kenney did simplify
the beat a bit, I will admit that.  Moon kept it more fluid,
more organic. 

> From the tracks, it looks like the (Fillmore) boot is the 6th.


> Although my source has them in order as on the boot.

Take it up with the authors of CONCERT FILE.  We met one
of the authors, Joe McMichael, in Atlanta in 2000.  Remember
Mark?  He was really nice.

> Tommy has its Punk moments, too. "WE'RE NOT GONNA 

That's reaching a bit, I think.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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