Boston show and Meher Baba on Who TV

Jim M NakedI at
Tue Sep 28 13:23:18 CDT 2004

As I said last week we're adding more varied content to the Who TV station.
This week we've had some fun in the Vox Box, doing some broadcasts in the
wee hours of the morning and for the past day have been broadcasting the new
Who Live in Boston DVD, which I hope has whetted your appetite enough for
you to go out and buy it!

This weekend we're showcasing a two hour movie made by an Australian Meher
Baba follower, Brecon Walsh.

Brecon has put together the movie (which he started working on in 1986)
using footage of Meher Baba loaned to him by fellow Baba lovers.

A labour of love on Brecon's part which we hope you'll enjoy.


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