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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Tue Sep 28 08:19:58 CDT 2004

> No tracks from the
Largo/Landover show have been broadcast, everything is
from Philly.


Thanks for clearing that up.

> I still hope this show will be released since it is
Leeds quality, but with
a vastly different setlist.

I'd buy it, don't get me wrong.

> 5 seconds of the Boston DVD is all you need to
notice that.

I got the Detroit 2000 discs, and I heard it right
away. It's very...generic, this "Who" without John
And that's what I hate about it, object to about it.
The Who should have never been made into something

> The loss of the Ox is twice
as damaging than loosing Moon.

At least. Consider that he'd stepped up his
performances since 1996.

> Uh oh, disspelling the "myth" that Moon was going
down hill by '75 thus the band as well.

He might have been going downhill, as in some shows he
wasn't all "there." He started collapsing in 1973 with
one incident. But my experience and what I've heard
from 1975, I hear the full Keith. In 1976 he collapsed
several times, and by 1978 he definitely wasn't
"there." You can hear it on WAY and the two songs
recorded for TKAA movie.

> (raises hand) Me.  My favorite member, my no. 1
influence (I try to play bass), and my opinion he was
much more of the band's overall sound than
anyone will admit.  See my comments on Boston DVD.

I'll admit it. OK, I'll call it a tie. I went from
"true believer" into "they should break up."

> Haaa!  Just kidding.  I've been told to share and
would be more than happy to.


I was hoping to negotiate something.

> I refer you to the subject of this thread, which you

But...that's not the thing I was talking about when I
wrote that. We were talking about the epitome of The

> Careful.  You'll be an oooooold man by the time
Tanglewood rolls around! 

You're assuming I won't be in charge of the band by

> Oh, and since you'll be in the neighborhood, stop by
and give me a copy of 
Tommy.  I'll be 4 and that will mean I get into The
Who 10 years sooner!

Yeah, one on my list would be to drop by my old house
and leave a CD player with a shitload of bootlegs.

> Hmmm.  Yet you don't like the mistakes on the Young
Vic disc?

Too much of anything...

"I think credibility is important"
   George "God wants me to be President" Bush

Cheers         ML

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