The BEST live Who EVER

Jim M NakedI at
Tue Sep 28 07:55:40 CDT 2004

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> If it doesn't have the "in-and-out" sound going
> (you'll know if it's there, like it gets "thicker" and
> "thinner"), please let me know.

Sure thing.  I'll say "na na na na na na, *my* boot's better than yours!" 
Haaa!  Just kidding.  I've been told to share and would be more than happy 

> Ah, no, see I said "the epitome" of live Who. That
> would mean the most representative, not necessarily
> the best.

I refer you to the subject of this thread, which you started.

> Whoa, ONLY trip? You didn't say THAT! If I had but one
> trip, you can drop me off in 1956 and I'll just travel
> up the timeline seeing them all. From Elvis to Velvet
> Revolver.

Careful.  You'll be an oooooold man by the time Tanglewood rolls around! 
Oh, and since you'll be in the neighborhood, stop by and give me a copy of 
Tommy.  I'll be 4 and that will mean I get into The Who 10 years sooner!

> I like [the ragged Amsterdam Tommy], though, for some reason. It's raw. 
> It's
> the complete opposite of the studio version.

Hmmm.  Yet you don't like the mistakes on the Young Vic disc?

Jim M 

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