The BEST live Who EVER

Bruce bkawak at
Mon Sep 27 21:27:28 CDT 2004

> Actually, for me, it's 1968-1975. I think that was
> their golden period. I saw them in 1975, and they were
> on the LAL level.

Uh oh, disspelling the "myth" that Moon was going down hill by '75 thus the
band as well.

> > And listen to OX's *third* bass solo run in "My
> > Generation"
> > on any re-release.  It's different (& worse) than
> > the original!
> > So, was the original a "corrected" version?  Which
> > one is the real one?
> Scott:
> Since I doubt John recorded a NEW bass solo for the
> release...

He didn't they spliced the first run (? I'd need to do a side by side check
to be sure which run it is, I've long forgotten) over the original 3rd run.
No, I don't know why.  There are numerous examples of this seemingly random
type of editing throughout.

> If anyone misses him more than I do, I'd be surprised.

(raises hand) Me.  My favorite member, my no. 1 influence (I try to play
bass), and my opinion he was much more of the band's overall sound than
anyone will admit.  See my comments on Boston DVD.


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