The BEST live Who EVER

Bruce bkawak at
Mon Sep 27 20:59:49 CDT 2004

> > > Which My Generation?
> >
> > Easy: Largo 1973. Or Philly, whichever it was. The
> > King Biscuit show, you know.
> It's Philly.  But often written as Largo.  Isn't there a "Magic
> Bus" from Largo that appears on some boot?  Bruce?  And
> I think I may have the Largo '73 version of "My Generation,"
> which I recorded off the radio back in the '80s on a show
> called Live Tracks.

Magic Bus was not played at either KBFH shows.  No tracks from the
Largo/Landover show have been broadcast, everything is from Philly.

> > > I assume Bargain from San Fran makes your list?
> >
> > A bit too perfect, actually.
> Really?  I think this version is balls-out rugged.  Nothing
> safe about this one at all.  (This is the live version legitimately
> released on WHO'S MISSING, for those who may not know.)

Bargain at Frisco is perfect because it was a great show.
I still hope this show will be released since it is Leeds quality, but with
a vastly different setlist.

> (I miss OX.)

5 seconds of the Boston DVD is all you need to notice that.  They sound like
their playing with a session player, whoops. :)  The loss of the Ox is twice
as damaging than loosing Moon.  This is because as Pete frankly says on the
DVD there is only one instrument left from the original band.


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