The BEST live Who EVER

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Mon Sep 27 20:22:38 CDT 2004

> 'fairy boot mother' as we speak.


If it doesn't have the "in-and-out" sound going
(you'll know if it's there, like it gets "thicker" and
"thinner"), please let me know.

> so limited is that I think most will agree the best
> complete show would come
> from the '69-'71 timeframe.

Actually, for me, it's 1968-1975. I think that was
their golden period. I saw them in 1975, and they were
on the LAL level.
> That's an interesting line of reasoning.  Their
> technically best performance
> isn't their "best" because they're not usually that
> perfect?

Ah, no, see I said "the epitome" of live Who. That
would mean the most representative, not necessarily
the best.

> perfect is that we are *so* familiar with it.  Most
> of us have been
> listening to that MG, that SB since we became Who
> fans.

I have been listening to it since it was released. I
had the 8-Track, first. My Generation was split, faded
out/changed track/faded back in.

> I can tell you that would most certainly *not* be
> the concert I used my only
> trip in the time machine to see.

Whoa, ONLY trip? You didn't say THAT! If I had but one
trip, you can drop me off in 1956 and I'll just travel
up the timeline seeing them all. From Elvis to Velvet

> detatched, although the AQO intro is good.  The
> Tommy performance is *very,
> very* ragged in places.

I like that, though, for some reason. It's raw. It's
the complete opposite of the studio version.

> And listen to OX's *third* bass solo run in "My
> Generation"
> on any re-release.  It's different (& worse) than
> the original!
> So, was the original a "corrected" version?  Which
> one is the real one?


Since I doubt John recorded a NEW bass solo for the

> Oh yeah, LAL isn't *completely* perfect.

It's pretty close.

> I feel Pete plays
> it too safe in the "Amazing Journey/Sparks" jam.

Yeah, that's one for Amsterdam IMHO. That's the best
live Sparks, I'd say.

> I gave you this version as a bonus track on one of
> the CDs I made for you, way back when.)

Yes, and I appreciate it.

'73 "My Generation" is special, but it's
> not my 
> favorite.  It's a bit clunky & erratic

I try to get past the recording. The entire show is
clunky and thick-sounding. Nothing like Leeds.

> his.  Plus Daltrey's, "Ya gotta fall in!"
> pronouncements!  

Yeah, I love that...and Pete following with the
Memphis Tennessee riff. Which, I suppose, later
morphed into the My Generation Blues (although it's
really just Memphis with MG lyrics.

> Really?  I think this version is balls-out rugged. 
> Nothing safe about this one at all.

There isn't a note out of place, nor a hair mussed.

> (I miss OX.)

If anyone misses him more than I do, I'd be surprised.

> Ah HA!  Kenney gets some props!  Woo hoo!

Well, let's be honest...the drums aren't too complex
in Naked Eye. It's Pete who makes that one my

> Nice Who reference.

No, I really want one. An XJ 12 cylinder with the
steering wheel on the British side.

> Looks like the 5th was the better show.  Set-wise.

>From the tracks, it looks like the boot is the 6th.
Although my source has them in order as on the boot. I
was puzzled, because (as you know) when Rog announces
the (AFAWK) first song, Summertime Blues, little
reaction. Not at ALL like the start of a Who concert!

> However, I do know a *few* punk-minded types who
*will* tolerate *any* era Who.  They, like us, can't
just "turn it off" after SELL OUT.  

Tommy has its Punk moments, too. "WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE

"The Bushies are starting to sound like Baghdad Bob,
trumpeting a decisive victory for Saddam Hussein as
the American military zooms into Iraq's capital city."
             Chris Suellentrop

Cheers         ML

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