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Scott Schrade schrade at
Mon Sep 27 18:58:46 CDT 2004

> What I mean is: if you set it up as "only an entire
> show" it limits what people can talk about. 

I thought you meant an entire show, too, when I first jumped into
the discussion, but in re-reading your original post I see you picked
just the three released songs from  Tanglewood as your personal
favorite(s).  Maybe it was your initial comments about LAL that 
threw us off.

> Fair enough. But LAL is so damned perfect! 

Well, the officially released stuff is!  The LIVE AT LEEDS 
COMPLETE boot proves is wasn't *all* perfect.  Pete hits a
monster of a bum note during a YMB solo, which has always
been edited out of legit releases.  And the full unedited "Magic 
Bus" is a bit sloppy, too.

What irked me about the LAL re-releases was the editing out of
some of Daltrey's extraneous screams.  They weren't off-key.
They weren't off-anything.  Listen to "My Generation."  

People try to put us down!
Yeah!....Just because we get around! 

That "Yeah!" on the re-releases has been *partially* snipped!
WTF?  Like they couldn't edit the whole thing & just said,
"Fuck it."

And listen to OX's *third* bass solo run in "My Generation"
on any re-release.  It's different (& worse) than the original!
So, was the original a "corrected" version?  Which one is the
real one?

What were we talking about.....?

Oh yeah, LAL isn't *completely* perfect.  I feel Pete plays
it too safe in the "Amazing Journey/Sparks" jam.  He solos
for a few short bars & then plays chords (albeit brilliantly)
for what seems like too long.  I like it when Pete goes crazy
in that part.

> > Which Young Man Blues makes your list?
> Hmmm...I think the one on TKAA soundtrack, but that's
> just off the top of my head. I'll have to get back to
> you on it.

My YMB faves are ones from boots where I'm not sure of
the venue (& I refuse to now go check).  But yeah, the one 
you mentioned, Mark, from the TKAA soundtrack (London
Coliseum '69) is pretty blistering & downright evil-sounding.
Black Sabbath, my ass.

> > Which My Generation?
> Easy: Largo 1973. Or Philly, whichever it was. The
> King Biscuit show, you know.

It's Philly.  But often written as Largo.  Isn't there a "Magic
Bus" from Largo that appears on some boot?  Bruce?  And
I think I may have the Largo '73 version of "My Generation,"
which I recorded off the radio back in the '80s on a show
called Live Tracks.  I've never seen it on any boot.  (Mark,
I gave you this version as a bonus track on one of the CDs
I made for you, way back when.)

The Philly '73 "My Generation" is special, but it's not my 
favorite.  It's a bit clunky & erratic, but it does have some
neat moments.  Pete's solo on this is one of my favorites of
his.  Plus Daltrey's, "Ya gotta fall in!" pronouncements!  
Great stuff.

My favorite "My Generation" is still the LAL version.

> > I assume Bargain from San Fran makes your list?
> A bit too perfect, actually. 

Really?  I think this version is balls-out rugged.  Nothing
safe about this one at all.  (This is the live version legitimately
released on WHO'S MISSING, for those who may not

And there's a weird part towards the end, during the last
verse, where Pete stops playing & Entwistle, seizing the
moment, fills that empty space with an amazing climbing-
run.  And those *chords* OX plays!  Goddamn, that's 
good stuff!!

(I miss OX.)

> > How  about Naked Eye from
> > Young Vic (with or without Roger's gaff edited out)?
> Naked Eye...I think the Toronto 1982 version. I think.

Ah HA!  Kenney gets some props!  Woo hoo!

> I don't might be Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is OK.  I used to listen to it a lot.  Honestly, it's
a pretty sloppy show (even Entwistle fucks up!).  And the
weakly-recorded drums really inhibit my complete enjoyment.
But there's some beautiful-sounding "Pete guitar" on this
boot, that's for sure!  Listen to that noise part in "Shakin'
All Over!"  Blimey!

> OK, time to order my Jaguar.

Nice Who reference.

> > I love the one Who boot I do have, the Fillmore East
> show from 5 April 1968
> OK, you have a short version. The best to have is
> called Shaking All Over. 

I believe Anna said she had a vinyl version.  The SHAKIN' 
ALL OVER version is only on CD.  But, yes, you're right -
that's the best-sounding version out there.

> Summertime Blues/Fortune Teller/Tattoo/Little Billy/I
> Can't Explain/Happy Jack/Relax/A Quick One/My
> Way/Shakin' All Over/Boris The Spider/My Generation.
> Bonus track: Young Man Blues (from Autumn 1969,
> somewhere in the USA).
> There's no way to know if that's the complete set.
> Funny that they'd start with Summertime Blues and have
> ICE so late in the set. 

April 5th, 1968 Fillmore Set:

Substitute, Pictures of Lily, Summertime Blues, Fortune Teller,
Tattoo, Little Billy, I Can't Explain, Happy Jack, Relax, 
I'm A Boy, A Quick One, C'mon Everybody, Shakin' All Over,
Boris the Spider, My Generation.

April 6th, 1968 Fillmore Set:

Summertime Blues, Fortune Teller, Tattoo, Little Billy, 
I Can't Explain, Happy Jack, I'm A Boy, Relax, A Quick One,
My Way, Shakin' All Over, Boris the Spider, My Generation.

- (from THE WHO CONCERT FILE book)

Looks like the 5th was the better show.  Set-wise.

- SCHRADE in Akron

"Origins" starts tomorrow!  Sept. 28.  On PBS!

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