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> Let me put it this way, if you were going on a long trip without TV/DVD and
> could take either the IOW or LAL CD, which would you choose?  I don't know
> about Tanglewood.  We've only got 3 songs.  It could be great, but I doubt
> it matches Leeds.

Well, that's not really fair because the LAL recording quality is so much 
better.  I guess that's naturally a consideration, but I don't agree about the 
level of The Who's performance at IOW dropping after the first few songs.  If 
anything, I thought it was the other way.  For example, the version of I'm Free 
from IOW blows away the Leeds version.  Of course, the Magic Bus from Leeds 
destroys IOW.  However, I give IOW the nod on YMB, Shakin All Over, Acid Queen, 
and Christmas (Tommy can you heeeeeeeeeeeaaarrr me).  As for a trip taken with 
the CDs, of course I choose Leeds because the recording sounds so good, but I 
believe I do remember Pete or Roger saying that Leeds was a good show, but 
that they had a number of better ones that year (not sure if IOW would be 
included, but I bet it would).


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