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Sun Sep 26 22:51:19 CDT 2004

> It's not stacking the deck, just a different
> interpretation.


What I mean is: if you set it up as "only an entire
show" it limits what people can talk about. There are
only two complete shows released, for instance. There
are some boots out there, too, but many are not the
complete show and some here don't have them.
So if you were going to say: what's the best released
entire show, it's between LAL and IOW and that's
doesn't leave a lot of discussion room, does it?

> You tell me that Heaven and Hell from Tanglewood is
> somehow superior to the
> Live at Leeds version, but I haven't heard *why* you
> think it's superior.

Can one say why this food tastes better than that
food? Can you say this flower smells better than that
It...just sounds that way to me. The band seems more
"on," more powerful, more balls out.

> You say those songs are "the epitome of The Who
> live."  But, surely so is
> Live at Leeds.

Fair enough. But LAL is so damned perfect! I like a
bit of random in there, because I think THAT is part
of what epitomizes The Who live. How many times were
they perfect? Few, as we know. Lyrics get forgotten,
notes get fumbled, drumsticks in the air when they
should be on the skins...

> versions.  Which Young Man
> Blues makes your list?

Hmmm...I think the one on TKAA soundtrack, but that's
just off the top of my head. I'll have to get back to
you on it.

> Which My Generation?

Easy: Largo 1973. Or Philly, whichever it was. The
King Biscuit show, you know.

> I assume Bargain from San Fran makes your list?

A bit too perfect, actually. Then again the only other
decent one I have is Young Vic, and that one's pretty

> How
> about Naked Eye from
> Young Vic (with or withour Roger's gaff edited out)?

Naked Eye...I think the Toronto 1982 version. I think.

>  Does WGFA from
> Shepperton merit consideration?  In the 80's that
> *was* The Who live for me.

The Who live in the 80's for me was Love, Reign O'er
Me from Live Aid.
> My definition of the BLWE is, if I could travel back
> in time and attend one
> of the shows, which would it be?

Charlotte, NC, 11/20/71. I don't know a thing about
the show except the set list, but I have faith.

> too limited) or Amsterdam
> (where the band seemed *relatively* uninvolved with
> the audience).

I don't might be Amsterdam.

> you agree that Leeds would be *the* concert to
> attend?

No, not for me anyway.

> A judge has struck down a law which bans the sale of
> bootleg 
> recordings of live music in the United States. 


I can sell BOOTLEGS NOW!

OK, time to order my Jaguar.

> I love the one Who boot I do have, the Fillmore East
show from 5 April 1968


Ha! I've been hoping someone would bring this one up!
An excellent show, another probable attend if I had a
time machine. As opposed to Leeds, it's a very laid
back show, and the performances are fine. Best live
version of Tattoo I've ever heard.

> The track listing on it is:

OK, you have a short version. The best to have is
called Shaking All Over. It has all the tracks which
have ever surfaced and the sound is very good. I took
that a step farther and remastered it as well as
repairing the chewed-up chorus of My Way.
The complete track list is:

Summertime Blues/Fortune Teller/Tattoo/Little Billy/I
Can't Explain/Happy Jack/Relax/A Quick One/My
Way/Shakin' All Over/Boris The Spider/My Generation.
Bonus track: Young Man Blues (from Autumn 1969,
somewhere in the USA).

There's no way to know if that's the complete set.
Funny that they'd start with Summertime Blues and have
ICE so late in the set. One of the best Who bootlegs,
despite John and Rog singing different lines in Boris
and AQO starting with "Little girl guide..." Great jam
in Relax.

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