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Sat Sep 25 21:04:55 CDT 2004

I don't have enough experience with other live shows
to know which are and aren't their best, but from what
I've heard so far, LAL+T (and the original LAL) seems
like their greatest live show.  I only currently have
the dinky IOW video, though from what I know of it it
doesn't sound quite so superb as LAL (though the IOW
"YMB" kicks ass; how is that guitar not breaking?!). 
The four Swansea cuts I've heard (the three bonus
tracks on WBN and the live "My Wife" on the boxed set)
sound great too; if only that beautiful record store
in Amherst still has the full Swansea boot when I go
back there on Alumni Weekend.  And though I know it
can never match something from their prime in the
Seventies, the Toronto show from whence the bonus
tracks on IH came sounds really good too, worth buying
the boot of.  

I love the one Who boot I do have, the Fillmore East
show from 5 April 1968 (at least according to what's
written on the front; I know THE Fillmore East show
was 4 April 1968).  The sound is spectacular for a
boot, and there's great onstage chatter.  The track
listing on it is:

"Fortune Teller" labelled as "Fourtune Teller"!)


"Little Billy"

"I Can't Explain" (listed as "Can't Explain")

"Happy Jack" (listed as the final song on side one,
though it's really the penultimate song on that side)

"Relax" (listed as the first song, even though it's
really the last song on side one)

Side two:

"AQO" (second half of the song only!)

"My Way" (mislabelled as "Easy Goin' Guy")

"Shakin' All Over"

"Boris the Spider"

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