Elvis Costello and The Who

JOELTLE515 at aol.com JOELTLE515 at aol.com
Sat Sep 25 17:18:22 CDT 2004

well, it's probably like someone not listening to springsteen after "born in 
the USA" came out, or hell, not listening to elvis costello after "spike" 
because he disbanded the attractions. let's face it though, when a band like the 
who starts out, their music is raw and exciting, and then they start to pursue 
"other interests" and the music, for some, turns "syrupy" and "poppy". it's a 
true test perhaps for who the real "die hard" fans are. others will say "sell 
out" but others will still be interested in what it might sound like. hell, 
like Liz phair. I was disappointed when she started to give herself a more "pop" 
sound and look as opposed to that cool and sexy gritty chick in "exile in 
it happens.
I for one think "who's next" is one of the greatest albums ever made, 
although i'm not a big fan of "bargain" anymore because whenever I hear it, I think 
of a f@#$in car commercial. Little steven (springsteen and the E street band) 
thinks the who's first album is the best album they've ever done. I ain't 
arguing with that, "circles", "legal matter", "La La La Lies", etc.  cool stuff. 

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