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Sat Sep 25 11:44:44 CDT 2004

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> > game!)  Which single, entire show is the BLWE.  It's
> >*got* to be Leeds.
> I'm not going to stack the deck for Leeds like that. I
> want it to flow free, people to talk about feel more
> than technical perfection. To me, that's where The Who
> were best live ANYWAY. They were never that
> technically perfect live. So I'm going to add one to
> my list: The Relay from Atlanta 2000.
> moved me. It gave me a big grin and caused me to say
> to my wife "It's GOOD to be a Who fan!"

It's not stacking the deck, just a different interpretation.  OK, so you're
talking about individual songs and I'm talking about the shows as a whole.
You tell me that Heaven and Hell from Tanglewood is somehow superior to the
Live at Leeds version, but I haven't heard *why* you think it's superior.
You say those songs are "the epitome of The Who live."  But, surely so is
Live at Leeds.  However, I wouldn't argue that there will be versions of
certain songs that are better then the Leeds versions.  Which Young Man
Blues makes your list?  Which My Generation?  (I'm partial to the Monterey
version.)  Is AQO on it?  Then there are the songs that came after Leeds.  I
assume Bargain from San Fran makes your list?  How about Naked Eye from
Young Vic (with or withour Roger's gaff edited out)?  Does WGFA from
Shepperton merit consideration?  In the 80's that *was* The Who live for me.

My definition of the BLWE is, if I could travel back in time and attend one
of the shows, which would it be?  It wouldn't be IOW (I agree the band
wasn't as tight) or Tanglewood (where the set was too limited) or Amsterdam
(where the band seemed *relatively* uninvolved with the audience).
Actually, that aspect, the involvement level of the band, is another thing
that shines at Leeds.  Like Roger says "It's really great to play in England
again."  And you can tell he meant it.  So, I take it by *my* definition,
you agree that Leeds would be *the* concert to attend?

Jim M

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