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Sat Sep 25 10:36:12 CDT 2004

> But, LAL is without a doubt the best-*sounding* of


But I don't want it limited to just the sound, since
it would limit the contest to released material.

> Something came together for the LAL show.  Out-
standing performance & a once-in-a-lifetime sound

There is no doubt about it. The Who were "on" for the
entire performance. There are no weak spots. They
played the most complete Tommy I've ever encountered
(Bruce might have something to say about that).

> heard a better live recording

I'd have to differ with you on that, but since it's
not The Who I'll leave it out of this.

> That captured live sound comes close to the LAL 
magic, however, the performance, except for a handful 
of the songs, doesn't.

It sounds like a rehearsal to me. Problem with that
is: they'd already recorded some of the songs in NYC.
It might have been an off night, but if so it's the
most off night I've heard from The Who. My guess would
be it wasn't the first night and the band was feeling
tired and jaded and just didn't put that much into it.

> Amsterdam Concertgebouw september 29 1969. The best
I ever heard. I've been
there. There's a good bootleg from the original tapes
from the radio


That's the Amsterdam Tommy show I was talking about!
It's my favorite Tommy live of all. It's not the best,
the vocals go out for a few minutes, but there's
something about it...that intangible quality Scott was
talking about, I guess.

> locked away from us.  But, if it existed, I'd much
rather have video of Leeds.

But it doesn't. It would have surfaced by now. It
might even have been included in some sort of LAL
boxed set.

> That was before I noticed problem 2.

Well, once again I hate to limit the contest to just
long performances. I think the main critera here is
how it affects the person. It can be three songs and
if it's the BEST Who...that counts. It could be one
moment within a song.

> I think, just having seen video of a show adds
something to it when you
later listen.  Like having the Encore of a show you
went to.

I DO have the bootleg of a few Who shows I went to,
and one from three days earlier (and one from one day
after). It doesn't change it...for me. But maybe
that's just me.

> IOW is so well regarded is that it came out on film

I don't know, because it just tends to annoy me
because there are so many cuts in it. And the full
Message Of Love is even worse; they cut a full verse
out of the chorus of All Right Now by Free each time
it comes around, for instance. That's just poor

> Tanglewood looks like a great show, but it
definitely benefits *somewhat* from being on

Tanglewood looks, to me, like the epitome of The Who
live. But I'm saying that it DEFINITELY doesn't affect
my judgement of those first three songs when I oompare
them to LAL and other shows. I think they are perfect.
BTW, if it matters to this discussion at all I've got
the Pontiac Silverdome 1975 Who show on the TV here in
the store as I write, and it's in the Join Together/My
Gen Blues section.

> The turning point came somewhere right around
Tanglewood and, for a while,
it was a turn for the worse.

Tanglewood was the last US show of that tour. As far
as I can find, the change came when they started the
2nd leg of the 1970 leg of the tour in Denver
(9/6/70), although they'd played a few of the new
songs in Liverpool the year before.

> Better than their studio versions, sure, but not
better than Baba, Bargain,
Love Ain't For Keeping, Pure and Easy, Won't Get
Fooled Again.

Yeah, but they weren't performing THOSE until April of
the next year. And that was the aforementioned Young
Vic, over which I'll take IDEKM and Water the year
before ANY time!

> material and I think
those shows suffered a little bit for it.  Again, it
was very, very good.

Well, it's hard to judge NOW. I mean, we heard these
songs studio...didn't think they were as good, and
THEN heard them live (most of us, that is). If you had
been at a 1970 show and they had played a hard guitar
song you weren't familiar with (Water), it might have
been as good to you as, say, Fortunate Teller.

> OK, but you can't pick and choose.

Why not? I never said it had to be a single show.

> game!)  Which single, entire show is the BLWE.  It's
*got* to be Leeds.

I'm not going to stack the deck for Leeds like that. I
want it to flow free, people to talk about feel more
than technical perfection. To me, that's where The Who
were best live ANYWAY. They were never that
technically perfect live. So I'm going to add one to
my list: The Relay from Atlanta 2000.
moved me. It gave me a big grin and caused me to say
to my wife "It's GOOD to be a Who fan!"

> the sound of the Tommy disc on the Deluxe Edition.  

Yeah. That "tunnel" effect. I just don't understand
it, because clearly Amazing Journey/Sparks didn't have
it on the first reissue of LAL.

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