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Sat Sep 25 08:43:25 CDT 2004

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> Don't you wish they'd release the entire show?

Of course, I want them to release any and all performances they've got
locked away from us.  But, if it existed, I'd much rather have video of
Leeds.  Even if you prefer the Tanglewood performance (I don't) it must only
be marginally, and the Leeds set list includes so much more.

> > The only
> > problem with Tanglewood is that they've only
> > released those few songs.
> Yep!

That was before I noticed problem 2.  They just didn't perform a lot of
their great material of the day at the show.  That one's going to be tough
to overcome when deciding on the "BLWE".

> > I think if there was video of Leeds, we wouldn't
> > even be having the discussion.
> I don't know if that's true. I took those three songs
> from the DVD and put them on CD,

I think, just having seen video of a show adds something to it when you
later listen.  Like having the Encore of a show you went to.  You can
picture it as you listen to it.  You don't think that a lot of the reason
IOW is so well regarded is that it came out on film first?  Tanglewood looks
like a great show, but it definitely benefits *somewhat* from being on

> Tommy was the turning point from 60's Who to 70's. The
> first shows weren't much different than the Fillmore
> East 1968 show, setwise, and the second wave starting
> including the Lifehouse songs.

The turning point came somewhere right around Tanglewood and, for a while,
it was a turn for the worse.  They were replacing great (but tired) live
numbers with lesser ones, until....

> I think [IDEKN and Water] both are better live.

Better than their studio versions, sure, but not better than Baba, Bargain,
Love Ain't For Keeping, Pure and Easy, Won't Get Fooled Again.  I'm saying
they started taking songs out of the set before they had great ones to
replace them.  That's fine; it helped them develop the Lifehouse material.
But, it took time to create the strongest Lifehouse material and I think
those shows suffered a little bit for it.  Again, it was very, very good.
Just not the BLWE.

> Between just the two? Leeds. But I prefer the
> Amsterdam Tommy over Leeds, although it's imperfect.
> Sometimes that's a good thing. Perfection becomes
> boring.

OK, but you can't pick and choose. (sorry, now I'm making up rules for your
game!)  Which single, entire show is the BLWE.  It's *got* to be Leeds.

I did listen to Leeds yesterday, like I said.  I decided to use the boot
version because I know there are some differences and because I can't stand
the sound of the Tommy disc on the Deluxe Edition.  My opinion was only
enhanced.  There is some hilarious banter that was cut.  The AQO intro is
funny on the CD, but it's a friggin' *riot* when you hear the whole thing.
Then there's the Spoonful section of SAO and some quiet passages of MB that
were cut from the original album.  Above all, it is the The Who at the top
of their game, playing material that they wouldn't surpass for another year.
It simply is, without a doubt, hands down, far and away the BLWE!

Jim M

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