Elvis Costello on The Who

Roger Clark roger.clark40 at ntlworld.com
Fri Sep 24 13:16:49 CDT 2004

> ...Between five and sixteen, I lived in Twickenham [in
> London]. The Rolling Stones were playing nearby, at
> the Station Hotel in Richmond. The Who were at Eel Pie
> Island. The Yardbirds lived in the next street. They
> had a van with YARDBIRDS written on it. I'd see
> [Fleetwood Mac guitarist] Peter Green in this record
> shop I used to go to - looking like Jesus in his rugby
> shirt and long hair.
> I was living in rock & roll central, although I didn't
> think so at the time. I was into American stuff and
> the Beatles. I never paid attention to the Who after
> "I Can See for Miles." I've never heard Tommy. I don't
> own a copy of Who's Next...

Ha! After all these years my suspicions are confirmed. I never rated his
musical taste after hearing him on Radio One years ago saying that The Jam's
version of 'Heatwave' was much better than The Who's.

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