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Fri Sep 24 08:25:25 CDT 2004

> There is a dropoff after Water.  I was disappointed
> when I finally heard the
> entire show.


I've only heard the boot from the rest of the show,
and the sound quality (of mine, anyway) makes it hard
to judge. BTW, IMHO that is the BEST version of Water
I've ever heard.

> Frisco 12/12/71:  This show has to be released
> complete someday!

I've been searching for good boots from this tour for
YEARS. It's the one big gaping hole in my collection.

> going to make the comment that I thought the
> Tanglewood footage is better.


Don't you wish they'd release the entire show? I have
it, but it's such a distant generation it's almost
impossible to watch.

> Now that IOW is remastered, it's a lot closer.

My problem with IOW is it seems Keith is lagging a
bit. For me, it's Pete and Rog's show...they're both
at their best. But it's hard to hear John and as I
said, Keith seems to be playing catch-up rather than
leading the songs.

> The only
> problem with Tanglewood is that they've only
> released those few songs.


> I think if there was video of Leeds, we wouldn't
> even be having the discussion.

I don't know if that's true. I took those three songs
from the DVD and put them on CD, and that's what I'm
thinking of when I say it's the best I've heard. I
just think it's a notch up from Leeds...but, as I
said, the first three songs.

> Plus, I find the Leeds set list to be
> much more interesting,
> with the old stuff like Tattoo, A Quick One and
> Happy Jack and more covers like Fortune Teller.

Tommy was the turning point from 60's Who to 70's. The
first shows weren't much different than the Fillmore
East 1968 show, setwise, and the second wave starting
including the Lifehouse songs.

> Sure, it was time for
> a change, but I Don't
> Even Know Myself and Water are not my favorite live
> numbers.

I think both are better live.

> What we need
> is something from '71 with the full compliment of
> Who's Next songs.

I'm with you there.

> Let me put it this way, if you were going on a long
trip without TV/DVD and could take either the IOW or
LAL CD, which would you choose?

Between just the two? Leeds. But I prefer the
Amsterdam Tommy over Leeds, although it's imperfect.
Sometimes that's a good thing. Perfection becomes
Also Largo/Philly in 1973 is a favorite.
My Desert Island live Who would be a collection I made
myself called Stages, which covers their career from
some of the aforementioned Scene Club material (1964)
to the 2000 tour. It includes the three Tanglewood
songs and the entire Largo/Philly show (as has been
available so far, anyway).

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