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> For me, nothing touches IOW.  The sound quality on the CD isn't up to LAL
> standards, but combine the incendiary video we have of that show plus the
> musical performance that night, and it's the ultimate for me.

It's not just the recording, I think the LAL performance blows away IOW.  I
agree with Bruce about there being a drop off after the first handful of
songs.  LAL has *no* flat spots anywhere.  LAL was at the pinnacle of The
Who's "Tommy era" performances.  They had that material down and absolutely
nailed it that night.    After that they moved on to Lifehouse and had to
build up the set.  By IOW too many great stage numbers were gone and they
hadn't yet found the right ones to replace them.  For instance, AQO might be
the best live song they've ever had, Water is, well, not.

Let me put it this way, if you were going on a long trip without TV/DVD and
could take either the IOW or LAL CD, which would you choose?  I don't know
about Tanglewood.  We've only got 3 songs.  It could be great, but I doubt
it matches Leeds.

> The most poignant moment came during the MG jam when Pete closed his eyes
and did the
> slow motion reverse windmills.

Ah, but how many of these moments were there at Leeds that we will never
know about.  That's why it's apples and oranges.

> However, I still need to get the Max R&B DVD to witness the Tanglewood
> footage/sound.

I got mine on Ebay from a store in Brazil that was selling them new.

Jim M

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