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> I suppose most people would say that LAL is the BEST
> Who live they've ever heard. But I wouldn't, although
> it's definitely up there in the high numbers (little
> pun there). No, for me it would be the three songs on
> the Max R&B DVD from Tanglewood 1970.
> So I'll throw the challenge out: what would YOU say is
> the best? It can be shows you've attended or bootlegs,
> not only legitimately released stuff.

For me, nothing touches IOW.  The sound quality on the CD isn't up to LAL 
standards, but combine the incendiary video we have of that show plus the amazing 
musical performance that night, and it's the ultimate for me.  I especially 
love YMB and Shakin All Over- disappointed in the truncated Tommy.  The most 
poignant moment came during the MG jam when Pete closed his eyes and did the 
slow motion reverse windmills.

However, I still need to get the Max R&B DVD to witness the Tanglewood 


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