The BEST live Who EVER

Jim M NakedI at
Thu Sep 23 22:30:02 CDT 2004

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> I suppose most people would say that LAL is the BEST
> Who live they've ever heard. But I wouldn't, although
> it's definitely up there in the high numbers (little
> pun there). No, for me it would be the three songs on
> the Max R&B DVD from Tanglewood 1970.

After getting the big build up from Kevin and seeing IOW at the movies I was
going to make the comment that I thought the Tanglewood footage is better.
On the 30 years DVD it's not even close, because the Tanglewood sound is so
much better.  Now that IOW is remastered, it's a lot closer.  The only
problem with Tanglewood is that they've only released those few songs.

I still don't think either performance matches Leeds, though.  In a way
we're comparing apples and oranges because we have video of the other shows.
I think if there was video of Leeds, we wouldn't even be having the
discussion.  Plus, I find the Leeds set list to be much more interesting,
with the old stuff like Tattoo, A Quick One and Happy Jack and more covers
like Fortune Teller.  When the Lifehouse songs started appearing, I think
the set got weaker at first.  Sure, it was time for a change, but I Don't
Even Know Myself and Water are not my favorite live numbers.  What we need
is something from '71 with the full compliment of Who's Next songs.

> So I'll throw the challenge out: what would YOU say is
> the best? It can be shows you've attended or bootlegs,
> not only legitimately released stuff.

I'll recuse myself for not having heard enough bootlegs to give a really
informed opinion, but for me, it's all Leeds.

Jim M

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