The BEST live Who EVER

Bruce bkawak at
Thu Sep 23 22:15:35 CDT 2004

 No, for me it would be the three songs on
> the Max R&B DVD from Tanglewood 1970.

There is a dropoff after Water.  I was disappointed when I finally heard the
entire show.  The Tommy section is not up to the beginning or the My Gen.
finale.  Plus the show is short (Tommy straight to My Gen.) for some reason,
maybe because it was fimed.

> So I'll throw the challenge out: what would YOU say is
> the best? It can be shows you've attended or bootlegs,
> not only legitimately released stuff.

Frisco 12/12/71:  This show has to be released complete someday!

London 12/16/69 has the best YMB I've ever heard. I'd love to hear more than
the 3 songs released.


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