Live In Boston is Great!

Gillman garyg1 at
Thu Sep 23 19:31:06 CDT 2004

I think Live in Boston is great!  The band are beautifully filmed, and are
playing great, especially Pete.  His solos are far more incisive and
planned, clearly, than in 2000.  Roger rocks out.  It is hard to believe
the band can play so well 35 years after, say, Isle of Wight.  From a
playing point of view, Pete's licks are far more expert than at Wight, for
example, rarely does he fluff notes, as he did too often at that show.
E.g. that stylish little blues lick he does in My Generation just before
the Old Red Wine-style jam - perfect!  My only quibble is the drums are
produced too low.  

Long live The Who.


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