New Tommy production (UK)

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Thu Sep 23 16:41:07 CDT 2004

Hi all,
   I have been contacted by a Mr Matt Smith, Marketing Manager of the New 
Theatre in Cardiff.  The New Theatre will be staging (as part of a nationwide 
tour I believe) a new production of Tommy.  Due to run from 11th April - 23rd 
April 2005, the show is apparently a new production and not the Mcanuff version.  
Tickets go on sale on the 4th October, and he has asked me to help network 
details of the event amongst Who fans.

    I have included here the URL to the site that hosts info relating to the 
production, it is presently not live, but come Oct 4th, tickets will be 
available from here as will general viewing of the site.

    The link is

       Andrew Rees

"As you can see, an encore is impossible.
We have drums everywhere. As they
go to the dressing room, please say an incredible
thank you to The Who."
                                  Compere Jeff Dexter
                                         The Oval 18/9/71


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