Who's R&B

Scott Schrade schrade at akrobiz.com
Wed Sep 22 00:05:08 CDT 2004

> More like EW&F, I'd say. 

Man, you gotta meet the bass player in my band; he's a big
Earth, Wind & Fire fan.  They still tour, ya know.  Although,
you probably wouldn't go see them, as they haven't altered 
their name to fit the current line-up.  Earth Wind & Smolder.

> Rather than a breakup? You figure it out. 

Hey!  This is an imaginary tale!  You said *instead* of break-
ing up!  I'm telling you what *would* have happened!  Imaginary
tale, Mark!  Think "Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen!"  Or "World's


> > The record company?
> Probably, given that the 80's were a most R&B time.

Ya, with the New Wave & all.


And Hair Metal.

> > Would Pete have felt comfortable pigeon-holing his
> writing in such a fashion?
> Well, he WAS the one writing in an R&B fashion during
> the post-Who era.

Examples, please.

> > If they *had* made a switch to R&B, I could see it
> lasting for *one* album, with the band collapsing
> shortly thereafter.
> Ah, you're such a pessimist. 

You spelled "realist" wrong.

> What if it had been the salvation of The Who? 
> A great move in a new direction, with hordes of 
> new young bands following?

You've gone from "What Would've Happened....?" to "R&B 
Or Bust."  Of course one would pick the R&B road over a

Why couldn't Pete have concentrated more on the keyboards
& gone in a Brian Eno direction?  Plus Pete's trademark guitar
sound.  More experimental - like the TOMMY & LIFEHOUSE

Fuck R&B; give me experimental.

"Origins" is coming to PBS Sept. 28.

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