Roger on "Smile"

Scott Schrade schrade at
Tue Sep 21 18:05:09 CDT 2004

> *My*  favorite R&B group will always be The  Carpenters.
> <Heh>Yours and JAE's! :-D  John's mum said he *loved* the  
> Carpenters.  Sure surprised me.

Even though I was making a joke, I really do like the Carpenters.
I have most of their albums & their CD box set.  It's hard to resist
Karen Carpenter's captivating voice.  Plus, she was a damn good
drummer, too!

I'm not surprised at all that Entwistle liked The Carpenters.  Well.....
maybe a little!  ;-)

- SCHRADE in Akron

"Origins" is coming to PBS Sept. 28.

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