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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 21 07:35:51 CDT 2004

> Hmmm...those *powerchords* sure worked for Hendrix's
> style


A damned good point!

> Hmmm.  As I understand it, Hendrix got thrown out of
> several US R&B groups 
> because he wouldn't stick with the format,


Doesn't matter if the old guard couldn't accept
Hendrix's methods, he was still deeply rooted in R&B.

> power chord idea until he heard Pete do it in

The Kinks did it even earlier, but now if you're
talking about FEEDBACK...you'd have a point.

> the technique, but where else did it go?  Funk, I
> gather from Mark's post. Then what?  Rap?

R&B continues even today. But now it's more about the
vocals than the music.

> No, I'll give you this one; I dig it.  But it sounds
> nothing *like* R&B.


Except it's remarkably like the original version, as
performed by Eddie Holland (from
Holland-Dozier-Holland who wrote many Motown songs).

> Shite.  Completely unsuited for Moon.  I guess it
> got the audience clapping when they played it live 

How about the studio version on Odds And Sods?

> But I still stand by statement that the influence of
> R&B isn't that prevalent after the band's R&B
"phase" (post '66?).

You're excluding Eyesight To The Blind? And as you
said they rerecorded Baby Don't You Do It in 1971, and
apparently planned to include it in Lifehouse. Then as
I pointed out, Slip Kid has Funk and so does Eminence
Front. They performed Twist And Shout and Dancing In
The Street off and on in the latter part of their
But the subject wasn't the influence...to me, that's
all too obvious. It was about "what if they'd gone in
an R&B direction instead of breaking up?" Townshend
seemed to be in the mindset at ONE point, since he
recorded a rather bizarre version of Barefootin'.
> Yuck.  The Who's version is, at the very least,
> cringe-inducing.

I think it's better than the original.

> Another R&B group, right, Mark?  ;-o

The Beach Boys were CERTAINLY R&B influenced, just
look at what they covered. The vocals also came
directly from Doo-Wop.

> style/harmonies/etc.,
> the answer is......yes.


You tell em!

> *My* favorite R&B group will always be The
> Carpenters.


You're a sick man, Schrade.

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