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>Sept. 27 issue - Q&A: RINGO STARR


It began while the band was together and continued even after the break-up: 
wherever any Beatle went, he'd mail Ringo a postcard. The 64-year-old 
drummer collected dozens of them for a new book called "Postcards From the 
Boys," out in October. Starr chatted with NEWSWEEK's Nicki Gostin.

When did you first get into postcards?
It started in my teens. In Liverpool, no one was going anywhere exotic. If 
you got to go to London, it was a miracle. So I would say to anyone going 
away, "Send me a card." It sort of became a thing to do—send Ringo a card. 
It's not too much of an imposition. It's not like saying, "Send me a 

I was surprised that even after all the fights in the band, you guys were 
still in touch.
We did have big fights, but we still loved each other. We split up, and it 
was about time. But there was still lots of contact.

Some of the cards are hilarious.
I think now about how incredible it is that they all arrived. If Paul sent 
me a card today with one of his little drawings on it, it'd be on eBay by 

I do have a bone to pick with you: there are a few royal-family postcards, 
and you make some disparaging comments about them.
I've had enough of the royal family. 'Bout time they went on holiday and 
stayed there.

I can't believe what I'm hearing. I'm shocked.
Let us see them do something good for Britain. Build a hospital. And that 
Diana memorial? It's such a lot of crap. She deserved more than that, in my 

Is it really true that you have months from years ago you don't remember?

It's interesting you say that. I was listening to "The Last Waltz" the other 
day, and I played on that. I know that because there's a photo. I played 
great, but I don't remember playing. I believe at that concert I was carried 
off. I was just getting drunk all the time. But that's over now.

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