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>Director Russell catches superbug

Veteran film-maker Ken Russell has been diagnosed with the MRSA superbug 
after being examined at an NHS hospital.

The director of The Devils and Tommy was found to have the infection after 
having back pain
examined at Southampton General Hospital.

"There seemed to be no improvement in my condition and the pain just got 
worse and worse," the 77-year-old told The Daily Express newspaper.

Russell is expected to spend a further two weeks recovering in a nursing 

The director complained of stomach and back pains last month while shooting 
a film at his home in East Boldre, Hampshire and was taken to Southampton 
General to be examined.

But two days after being discharged, he returned to the hospital, at which 
point doctors discovered he was carrying the antibiotic-resistant MRSA.

The hospital treated the infection then transferred Russell to the Royal 
South Hants Hospital, where his back pain was treated.

A Southampton General Hospital spokesman said it was "practically 
impossible" to determine when a patient became infected with MRSA.

"Quite a lot of the population carries MRSA with no effect whatsoever," the 
spokesman said.

He said Mr Russell suffered no ill effect from his MRSA infection, and his 
discomfort was caused by the stomach and back pains.

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