Who's R&B

Scott Schrade schrade at akrobiz.com
Sun Sep 19 10:05:29 CDT 2004

> Yeah, that damned Leaving Here sucks, doesn't it? 

No, I'll give you this one; I dig it.  But it sounds nothing *like*
R&B.  Sounds more like the flippin' Dead Boys!  

Your whole point, I believe, is that one can *hear* the R&B 
influence in a fair amount of The Who's music.  I believe, de-
spite the poor-sounding, more traditional covers, that there is 
very little actual R&B *sound* in The Who's music.

> And Baby Don't You Do It, 

Shite.  Completely unsuited for Moon.  I guess it got the aud-
ience clapping when they played it live in the early-'70s, but
I almost always skip past this song.  One of my least-favorite
Who tunes.  (I know, it's a cover.)

> Daddy Rolling Stone 

Shit, there's another one I *do* like!  OK, I retract my imp-
lication that *every* attempt The Who made at R&B failed.  
But I still stand by statement that the influence of R&B isn't 
that prevalent after the band's R&B "phase" (post '66?).

> Heatwave 

Yuck.  The Who's version is, at the very least, cringe-inducing.

- SCHRADE in Akron

"Origins" is coming to PBS Sept. 28.

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