Daltrey reissues

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Sun Sep 19 09:40:21 CDT 2004

Repost from Relayers:

>I have some GREAT news for fans of Roger Daltrey's
solo albums:

In the new ICE Magazine (REM on the cover), three of
Roger's solo albums are set for re-release on CD, one
of which is in CD format for the 1st time!! They are:
"Parting Should Be Painless" (1st time on CD EVER!) ,
"Can't Wait To See The Movie", and "Rocks In The
Head". ICE lists the release date as October 12th, but

The CD label that's re-releasing these CDs is named
"Wounded Bird Records", and they are a CD-only reissue
specialist label, based in Guilderland NY. Their
website is www.woundedbird.com. I went to the website,
and lo and behold, the Daltrey CDs are not only
listed, but you can order them to be delivered to your

But the coolest part is.......

Just for the hell of it, this morning I called Wounded
Bird's phone number, as listed on their website. I was
just curious about the company, and wanted to hear
their outgoing voicemail message for hours of
operation. Well, to my surprise, a gentleman picks up
my call, and it's the label's owner, a guy named
Terry. Very nice guy. Anyway, he lets me pick his
brain about Wounded Bird, which licenses CDs for
reissue from the owners of the master tapes.

Now for the BEST part....

According to Terry, the three Daltrey CD reissues are
ready for ordering and shipping RIGHT NOW!!!! No
waiting till the October 12th retail date!!! And he
accepts orders via e-mail AND over the phone!!! So I
ordered the Daltrey CDs from him over the phone, and
they'll be shipped out tomorrow (Mon 9/20!!).

All this on a SUNDAY MORNING!!! The Gods must be with
us today.....

Have a great day, everyone!!!!

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