Roger on "Smile"

L. Bird pkeets at
Sun Sep 19 08:12:10 CDT 2004

>I was at the live show and it was just wonderful. The music is as 
>refreshing as ever, it's a sketchpad of so many things. The album is worth 
>the wait - it gives you musical courage.

Having another look at this, it apprears to be an endorsement, and theough 
it does sound something like Roger, he has maybe delegated the writing to 
his assistant, or something like that.  Here's another article from back in 
the spring where Roger apparently agrees with a young reviewer that "Smile" 
sucks.  Notice his endorsement doesn't say much about the actual album.,12102,1246327,00.html

"Surfin' USA and Barbara Ann were inoffensively catchy, but the second half, 
which Alexis informed me were songs from an album called Smile, seemed 
pretentious and simple to the point of being childish."

"He agreed with me about the Beach Boys' Smile and gave me a free ticket for 
that night's charity show, featuring the Stereophonics"


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