Senior moments

L. Bird pkeets at
Sat Sep 18 23:41:23 CDT 2004

>ah. ok. but as I mentioned, the who and brian were on the same bill at neil
young's bridge school shows in 1999. they were on the same stage for the
finale, doing "surfin USA" I believe. can old age really do these kinda 
things to
you? ; )

I dunno.  Roger doesn't seem senile.  ;)

You're right about the Bridge School shows.  Roger and Eddie Vedder both 
sneaked out onto the stage to sing back up for Wilson.  However, we don't 
know if they actually met, and shook hands and talked and so on.  Brian 
Wilson has some fairly definite problems and he looked like a complete 
zombie while he was performing.  I can imagine that he hid in his dressing 
room and wouldn't talk to anybody while he was there.


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