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Roger Daltrey, singer

In the Sixties we all influenced each other and the
Who were certainly influenced by the Beach Boys. Our
drummer Keith Moon would've been in the bloody Beach
Boys given half a chance. He would have left the Who
even at the height of our fame to join the Beach Boys.
But we loved them too - we thought they were a little
wet in the image department but their harmonies were
fantastic. If you listen to early Who records you can
hear a lot of influences from the Beach Boys. 
I was at the live show and it was just wonderful. The
music is as refreshing as ever, it's a sketchpad of so
many things. The album is worth the wait - it gives
you musical courage. He's an extraordinary writer. He
pushed popular music to whole new levels. I can see
why the record company must have been throwing their
hands up in horror at the time because it's not
commercial, but that doesn't matter, it's fantastic! 

I first met Brian last year when he inducted me into
the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame and the fact that he did
it made it better than getting a Grammy. I hold him in
such awe that I get incredibly nervous when I meet
him, but he's a really warm human being. Everybody
identifies with his courage. He certainly knows what
it's like to suffer.

-Brian in Atlanta
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