Who's R&B

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 18 08:09:31 CDT 2004

>>here.  Just what is R&B?
>How do you know it when you hear it?

>That's what I mean when I say I can't define WHY Love
Reign O'er Me is R&B. I DO know it when I hear it. If
I could had a horn section, I could SHOW you what I
mean, but alas...all I can say is the part where he's
singing "Love/Reign o'er me..." could easily have a
typical R&B horn breakdown (as in a James Brown song).
I can hear Wilson Pickett singing it, too.

QUAD strikes me as more operatic than R&B.

Does subject matter enter into this?  I'm thinking about Tom's mention of 
"Who Are You."  This one is approaching the eighties, and I'd consider it as 
sounding sort of R&B, except for the subject matter.  Isn't R&B supposed to 
be about lust?  Would Pete's lyrics always be too deep for R&B?

Again, I'm not saying The Who didn't pick up a lot of technique from 
R&B--it's just that the end result doesn't qualify as the source.


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