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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 18 07:41:12 CDT 2004

> here.  Just what is R&B?  
> How do you know it when you hear it?


That's what I mean when I say I can't define WHY Love
Reign O'er Me is R&B. I DO know it when I hear it. If
I could had a horn section, I could SHOW you what I
mean, but alas...all I can say is the part where he's
singing "Love/Reign o'er me..." could easily have a
typical R&B horn breakdown (as in a James Brown song).
I can hear Wilson Pickett singing it, too.

> Yes.  This is the dance that would fit the beat. 

NO WAY! It's too tight. A Swing beat is loose as Hell.
You cannot Swing dance to EF!

> You could also twist to it.

You can twist to ANYTHING. That's why the Twist was so
popular. Even white people can do the Twist and not
look stupid dancing.

> Can white boys really funk?

Sure. Little Feat, Widespread Panic, Allman Brothers
(sometimes), there's a number of bands who have the
funk. Need I mention the Average White Band???
"Oooh-oohh/I got work to do..."

> Huh?  EF is approaching big band stuff.  As in 1940.

I don't see that AT ALL, and I was talking about the
guitar not being funky. If it had come out in the
40's, people would have reacted like "WTF is this

> Jazz.  He sounds like a jazz singer.

He sounds like Pete Townshend singing everything he

> I agree.  Sucks.

You don't like Leaving Here??? The Who version of
Heatwave is just great! I'm SHOCKED!

> artists such as James Brown.

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. "Please please
please me/You don't have to go-ooo...."

> -Features lead singer with group - call and response

Like Helpless Dancer...

> Complex musical layers with rhythms and repetition

ANY Who song...

> Expressive, densley textured vocal and instrumental

Ditto. All well describing The Who's music.

> Blues Shouter style
        -Performance Elements:
            -Strong vocal delivery
            -Driving boogie-woogie rhythm

Yep. That's what I'm talking about. Who delivers
stronger than Roger? Who has that driving rhythm? You

> but they couldn't manage the complex rhythms and 
densely textured sound.

Um...exCUSE me, but have you ever heard this little
album I have here called QUADRO-effin'-PHENIA?

> Plus, Pete's power chords just don't fit into this
definition at all.

Yeah, they substituted for the horns. The same way a
guitar solo substituted for a sax in the late
50's/early 60's and became the standard instrument for

> When a busload of senior citizens from Erie,
Pennsylvania gives “The Who’s Tommy” a standing
ovation, you know it’s a good production.

You know it means Tommy's been watered down to
Broadway fluff. It's sad, really. I remember when it
used to be dangerous music. (sigh)

"There's no doubt in my mind that we should allow the
world worst leaders to hold America hostage, to
threaten our peace, to threaten our friends and allies
with the world's worst weapons."
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