Who's R&B

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 18 01:17:02 CDT 2004

>-Features lead singer with group - call and response
-Complex musical layers with rhythms and repetition
-Expressive, densely textured vocal and instrumental sounds

These are the elements I expect when I hear the term "R&B."  The complex 
rhythms really stick out when you hear the masters do it.

So, the early Who set up the lead singer and the group, and they did songs 
that featured call and response and audience participation, but they 
couldn't manage the complex rhythms and densely textured sound.  With only a 
three piece band, the sound was too thin and Moon's drumming too creative 
and erratic.  In the eighties, with a keyboardist and a drummer who could 
maintain a steady rhythm, they came much closer.

Plus, Pete's power chords just don't fit into this definition at all.


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