Who's R&B

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 18 00:30:54 CDT 2004

>>It's a really obvious, dancable beat, unlike
most of The Who's music.  :)

>Yes, but it's not a SWING beat.

Yes.  This is the dance that would fit the beat.  You could also twist to 

>That funky drumbeat. Sure, it's white boy Funk but
Funk nonetheless.

This may be the source of our definition problem.  Can white boys really 

>>there's very little funkiness in Pete Townshend's
guitar playing, either.

>Isn't that what I said to Keets about Eminence Front?

Huh?  EF is approaching big band stuff.  As in 1940.

>As soon as Pete starts singing,
any semblance of real funk quickly falls away.

Jazz.  He sounds like a jazz singer.

>>they attempted real R&B in the '60s - it wasn't that

>Yeah, that damned Leaving Here sucks, doesn't it? And
Baby Don't You Do It, and Hell I hope I never hear
Daddy Rolling Stone or Heatwave AGAIN!

I agree.  Sucks.


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