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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 17 18:25:40 CDT 2004

> I'd guess you're not a dancer?


You'd guess right.

> It's a really obvious, dancable beat, unlike 
most of The Who's music.  :)

Yes, but it's not a SWING beat.

> What?!  You're out of your mind!  The Who never even
*approached* funk. 


You are NOT correct, sir! They were doing James Brown
on their FIRST ALBUM. And The Relay definitely is
Funk. Tis tis tis. Here Tis, ANOTHER example...

> There was nothing funky about Moon's drumming.

Most of the time, no. But on The Relay he's playing
off the music, percussion, rather than driving the
song the way he usually does. That's not your usual
Keith Moon drumming, there.

> For some reason, you're equating off-time, halting
drum beats with funk.

That funky drumbeat. Sure, it's white boy Funk but
Funk nonetheless.

> Just because a song has a hurky-jerky beat doesn't
mean it's funk.

(delete "hurky-jerky this" joke)

> there's very little funkiness in Pete Townshend's
guitar playing, either.  

Isn't that what I said to Keets about Eminence Front?

> OK.  A funky riff but not a funky song.

It's a funky song! "Play the song with the funky

> As soon as Pete starts singing,
any semblance of real funk quickly falls away.

What about the chorus? Ooops!

> "Helpless Dancer."  With zero drum beat &
flourishing, flamenco-style,
acoustic guitar strumming.  And no bass.  R&B.  Funk. 

I didn't SAY it was Funk! Not ALL R&B is Funk, just
ask Luther Vandross.

> I don't even know how to respond to this.  C'mon,
Mark!  You're a
Prince fan!  I know you *know* what funk & R&B is!  

I do, I do. Earth Wind & Fire is my favorite R&B band,
but I AM a pretty big fan. I have quite a bit of it,
from boxed sets to individual artist collections. My
current fav is Can You Dig It from Rhino.

> Why are you spouting such rubbish?!

Well, you KNOW I wouldn't so I'm not!

> Because it's slow?  And stirring?  This is absurd!

I don't think I can give you a definite reason on that
one, it just is Rhythm And Blues.

> they attempted real R&B in the '60s - it wasn't that

Yeah, that damned Leaving Here sucks, doesn't it? And
Baby Don't You Do It, and Hell I hope I never hear
Daddy Rolling Stone or Heatwave AGAIN!

> Have you heard
the '64 live bootleg?  "Long Tall Sally?"  "Dance To
Keep From Crying?"
"Smokestack Lightening?"  "Pretty Little Thing?"  

You KNOW I have, that's the Scene Club boot for those
who don't know. But that was so early on...they
weren't good anyway. It wasn't the material. When they
recorded Here Tis in the studio it worked pretty well.

> The Who weren't the Yardbirds.

And the Yardbirds weren't an R&B band anyway. They
were a BLUES band, as were the Animals and Stones. The
only other early Brit band who approached Rock from an
R&B angle was The Kinks, and they didn't keep it up
And don't try to give me the Beatles argument...they
were doing Pop, not R&B. Although I'll give John
Lennon credit for Mr. Moonlight.

> You want funk & R&B - go buy some Jimmy Castor

The Bertha Butt Boogie? That's like saying I should
get The Five Man Electrical Band since I like Rock. I
have a ton of great R&B and a ton of great Funk
already. From Big Joe Turner to (as you say) Prince.
Whose new album, BTW, is effin' great.

> What's the problem, no good drummin?


That can't be it, he likes Kenney Jones remember?

> Maximum rhythm 'n' blues.



See, Simon, what you can start when you're not trying!

"Just remember it's the birds that's supposed to
suffer, not the hunter."
         George "50 rounds" Bush

Cheers         ML

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