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I think many many songs of The Who are pure R&B, like You Better You Bet, or 
Who are You, or The Good´s Gone, Magic Bus (Bo Diddley inspired), So Sad 
about Us, Join Together.
Maximum rhythm 'n' blues.


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> > Sorry for the confusion.  By "Join Together" I'm
>referring to the 1989 tour
>and album.  Face The Face is on it.
>It's my mistake. Sometimes I think I'm trying to block
>that album out (Who's Last, too). I never think about
>it. On the rare moment I'm in the mood for a little
>`89 live Who, I tend to listen to my Radio City
>bootleg...which is about 1000% better than Join
>Together IMHO. AND they play A Friend Is A Friend,
>too...that's a plus for me since I really like the
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