Who's R&B

Scott Schrade schrade at akrobiz.com
Fri Sep 17 17:36:45 CDT 2004

> The Relay is FUNK, baby! 

What?!  You're out of your mind!  The Who never even *approached*
funk.  There was nothing funky about Moon's drumming.  And the beat
is the essential ingredient in funk.

> Slip Kid has a lot of Funk to it too! 

For some reason, you're equating off-time, halting drum beats with funk.
Just because a song has a hurky-jerky beat doesn't mean it's funk.  And
there's very little funkiness in Pete Townshend's guitar playing, either.  
Too much space & too many power chords.  

> And what about one of your favorites, Eminence Front?

OK.  A funky riff but not a funky song.  As soon as Pete starts singing,
any semblance of real funk quickly falls away.

> Definitely R&B! Helpless Dancer? Call and response,
> right out of Gospel. 

"Helpless Dancer."  With zero drum beat & flourishing, flamenco-style,
acoustic guitar strumming.  And no bass.  R&B.  Funk.  OK...... (backing
away slowly.....).

> Dr. Jimmy...that's self evident.

I don't even know how to respond to this.  C'mon, Mark!  You're a
Prince fan!  I know you *know* what funk & R&B is!  Why are you
spouting such rubbish?!

> It...just IS. Same with Love Reign O'er Me.

That's it......!  Mark's sanity has left the building!  LROM?  R&B?  Why?
Because it's slow?  And stirring?  This is absurd!

> There must have been some element of R&B in their minds to the
> end.

I agree that they must feel a debt to R&B & enjoy the genre.  But when
they attempted real R&B in the '60s - it wasn't that great.  Have you heard
the '64 live bootleg?  "Long Tall Sally?"  "Dance To Keep From Crying?"
"Smokestack Lightening?"  "Pretty Little Thing?"  Daltrey attempting to
impersonate a middle-aged black man?  That stuff's pretty bad, man.

It may have helped their early career by covering those "hip" songs but,
like Keets said, thank god they found their own voice & style 'cause that
shit they were playing back then was pretty one-dimensional.

The Who weren't the Yardbirds.  And thank god for that, too, 'cause the 
Yardbirds are an overrated, reactionary, shit band, as well.

You want funk & R&B - go buy some Jimmy Castor records.

- SCHRADE in Akron

"Origins" is coming to PBS Sept. 28.

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